Auto Service Specialists in Downtown Cleveland, OH
» Mad Hatter Automotive can complete any auto repair for customers in Cleveland

Mad Hatter Automotive provides reliable auto maintenance and repair services in Downtown Cleveland.

Shuttle Service & Towing

Our auto technicians understand that taking time out of a busy workweek to get your car repaired can be difficult and inconvenient. Mad Hatter Automotive gives professionals working downtown the option to take our shuttle service, which is located just outside of downtown Cleveland. Drop your car off at our shop and our shuttle service will travel within a 5 mile radius to bring you to work. Many repairs can be completed by the time your shift is over. If you experience an unexpected break down, we’ll tow your car to our Cleveland auto repair shop; then drop you off at work. We offer towing services after an accident or break down at any time of day, safely transporting your car to our garage to be repaired.

Muffler Repair

engine work

engine workOur experienced mechanics offers muffler repairs in Downtown Cleveland for any car, truck, or SUV. If your muffler is cracked, rusty, loose, or simply not working, we’ll repair or replace the pipe, or the entire exhaust system as needed. Mad Hatter Automotive also does custom exhaust work. Upgrade to a more efficient system, or customize the appearance of your vehicle. We offer complete fabrication, cat back dual systems, and stainless steel or aluminized parts.

Engine Repair

engine workOur auto repair shop in Cleveland provides engine repair services and extensive front end work. From minor engine repairs to complete rebuilding, we can provide the repair you need. Our front end repairs include 2 or 4 wheel alignment, steering system repairs, bent wheel and bushings repair. We also fix worn ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bars, and more.

Oil Changes

Mad Hatter Automotive provides quick and efficient oil changes for any type of vehicle. It’s imperative for the life of your engine to get regularly scheduled oil changes. We use advanced synthetic blends and full synthetic oils that outlast conventional motor oils, and our oil change service is affordable. You can stay in your vehicle while we change your oil and replace the filter in 30 minutes or less.


We also offer auto maintenance services in Downtown Cleveland including tune-ups and diagnostics, along with inspections, spark plug replacements, filter and fluid changes, and many others. Whether you have a scheduled service that’s due or you want to find out all the maintenance you should have done, bring your car in to Mad Hatter Automotive and we’ll take care of you.

Other Services

Mad Hatter Automotive can complete any repair you need. In addition to the services mentioned above we also repair and service:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems